MAR 20, 2015

Bridal Trends For 2015

A lot of thought goes into buying the perfect wedding dress and as your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, it’s important to get it right. This year bridal wear is looking back across the generations and picking out some of the most traditional and classic styles for you to walk in down the aisle. At Carrington Fabrics we have five styles you need to know about for this year.


Classic Elegance

When it comes to your wedding dress, sometimes the best ones are those with a classic design. Don’t be afraid to choose something that’s more traditional. Understated dresses are far from boring and can make you look especially elegant. A billowing skirt and long trail give a nod to the classic idea of marriage. You could always mix things up by stylising your hair differently or wearing special shoes.


Big Dresses

With the boom of fairytale films making their way onto cinema screens, a lot of inspiration can be drawn from the dresses. Think big fairytale and princess dresses. The look can totally be pulled off without being too much. Choose a full skirted, floaty dress to avoid the cutesy look of teenage prom dresses. Big dresses that are light and easy to move in are perfect...and romantic!


Boho Style

Now that many more people are choosing to get married abroad or move away from the traditional church wedding, the bohemian trend is becoming more popular. It’s about setting your own rules and making your own wedding traditions. From unconventional dressing such as shorter skirts or the risky trouser suit, to something a bit less fussy than normal wedding dresses, the boho style lets you add your own personality. Whimsical looks that aren’t all neat and tidy are ideal.


Lots of Lace

There has never been a safer wedding dress style than lace. It has the ability to be classic and modern, making sure you look stunning. It is no wonder it’s the most popular wedding fabric, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon! Designers are mixing things up a bit with lace now though so the dress doesn’t have to be traditional. Elegant lace backs, long sleeves and beautiful lace skirts are just a few examples of how you can incorporate the style differently.


Glamorous Nights

Be inspired by the dresses on the red carpet by choosing a fitted dress with magnificence. Silky and satin fabrics add an extra hint of splendour. Consider open-backed dresses or ones with wow-factor details such as gems. It’s your wedding after all so you want to stand out from the crowd and be the best-dressed! The glamorous style is perfect for late-in-the-day weddings and can easily take you from daytime to the night-time party.


Now that you know all of the trends for your bridal dress, be sure to have a look at 2015’s top grooms wear trends. At Carrington Fabrics we have over 40 years experience supplying the most high quality textiles for bridal wear and other special events. Get in touch for more information and visit our blog.

Created on 20th March 2015
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