MAR 24, 2017

Lightweight Fabrics to Consider for your Summer Collection

The fabric you choose to create your spring and summer collections with will have a large impact on your profit margins for the season, with many customers choosing their .... read more
Created on 24th March 2017
MAR 3, 2017

Everything you want to know about tulle

Commonly used to make wedding dresses and veils, and dancewear such as ballet tutus, tulle is a very lightweight, mesh net fabric that can be made from a range of both na .... read more
Created on 3rd March 2017
NOV 17, 2016

The Spring/Summer 2017 Trends You Need to Know Now

With Paris, London, New York and Milan showing us what we can expect to see for Spring/Summer 17, you will need to be manufacturing clothes that reflect these changing fa .... read more
Created on 17th November 2016
OCT 18, 2016

The 9 Biggest Trends this A/W Season

We’ve seen the runways in Paris, London, Milan and New York, and 9 top fashion trends have been spotted. You can expect your customers to be looking for velvet, she .... read more
Created on 18th October 2016
SEP 22, 2016

The S/S 2017 Bridal Trends You Need to Know Right Now!

Brides up and down the country who are planning spring and summer weddings for 2017 will be starting to look at bridal trends and find their perfect dress very soon, mean .... read more
Created on 22nd September 2016
AUG 19, 2016

Find out more about ballroom dresses here!

Every ballroom dance has its own set of customs and traditions that differentiate them from each other, and the dresses worn for each dance are an important part of that .... read more
Created on 19th August 2016
JUL 28, 2016

Flattering Fabric Tips!

The fabric that you wear has a massive impact on your clothes’ look on clients. It will shape just how comfortable and durable the piece is, as well as its shape an .... read more
Created on 28th July 2016
JUN 28, 2016

Fabrics Perfect for Autumn and Winter Weddings

Finding the perfect wedding dress is the most exciting part of any bride’s wedding planning, but for brides getting married in the winter, the practicalities of sta .... read more
Created on 28th June 2016
JUN 1, 2016

Evening Wear Trends for 2016 That Your Clients Will Love

As we move into the autumn of 2016, many dress makers will be thinking about the eveningwear customers will be buying for proms, award ceremonies and even Christmas parti .... read more
Created on 1st June 2016
APR 19, 2016

The Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Wear

When it takes as little as 20 seconds to make a lasting first impression, it’s essential that you wear the appropriate corporate wear for your interview or importan .... read more
Created on 19th April 2016
APR 5, 2016

Show Ring Attire You Need to Win Your Horse Show

As we get into spring, the equestrian world is entering the start of the showing season. This can be daunting for everyone participating, especially people new to horse s .... read more
Created on 5th April 2016
FEB 29, 2016

Tips to get rid of rust

Rust is a coating of iron oxide that occurs by oxidation, this is heightened in the presence of moisture on your object. It is usually seen in the colour red but also can .... read more
Created on 29th February 2016
JAN 21, 2016

The simple wedding dress guide all brides should read

Have you just started wedding dress shopping only to realise you don’t actually know where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and we’re abou .... read more
Created on 21st January 2016
JAN 4, 2016

5 questions you need to ask at your bridal boutique

Finding the perfect wedding dress is an exciting time for any bride and you want to get it right! Make sure you find out all the things you need to know by asking your br .... read more
Created on 4th January 2016
OCT 26, 2015

Traditional Fabrics Used For Wedding Dresses

Satin, tulle, silk, charmeuse, Chantilly....when you start shopping for your wedding dress, you will hear the names of countless fabrics. Unless you work regularly with f .... read more
Created on 26th October 2015
SEP 21, 2015

How to Buy the Right Dancewear

Dancing is a great way to have fun, meet new people and maintain a healthy lifestyle. From ballet, to hip-hop to ballroom, the right kind of dancewear can make all the di .... read more
Created on 21st September 2015
SEP 1, 2015

How to keep everyone warm at your winter wedding

More and more brides and grooms are opting to get married in the cooler months of autumn and winter. One reason is because venue prices tend to be cheaper and a lot of ph .... read more
Created on 1st September 2015
JUL 17, 2015

The Different Types of Clothing Fabric

Today consumers are treated to an extensive range of different clothing fabric. Ideal for a wealth of different clothes, they each have individual attributes that make th .... read more
Created on 17th July 2015
JUN 29, 2015

A glossary of sewing machine terms

Some of the jargon used in the sewing machine industry can be a little confusing, especially to a beginner just starting out in their new hobby. If you’re looking t .... read more
Created on 29th June 2015
JUN 2, 2015

What to look for in a sewing machine

If you’re a beginner it can be quite daunting trying to choose a sewing machine. Here at Carrington Fabrics we know a thing or two about sewing machines, so we&rsqu .... read more
Created on 2nd June 2015
APR 29, 2015

DIY wedding: sewing project inspiration

There are few things more satisfying than, after months of planning, seeing all of your efforts come to life on your wedding day. One thing guaranteed to add to this sati .... read more
Created on 29th April 2015
MAR 20, 2015

Bridal Trends For 2015

A lot of thought goes into buying the perfect wedding dress and as your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, it’s important to get it right. This y .... read more
Created on 20th March 2015
FEB 25, 2015

Grooms Trends For 2015

It can be hard to keep on top of trends as they are constantly evolving. Looking the part for your wedding is essential and you want your groom to look great too. The foc .... read more
Created on 25th February 2015
JAN 22, 2015

Bridesmaid Trends For Spring 2015

All of the little details can make a wedding perfect. Sorting your own wedding dress is such a relief but you can put just as much time and care into picking out the desi .... read more
Created on 22nd January 2015
DEC 22, 2014

Break tradition: 5 alternative wedding dresses

The vast majority of western brides still choose to wear a white, floor length, strapless wedding dress. As most weddings are seen as a time for upholding tradition white .... read more
Created on 22nd December 2014
NOV 19, 2014

What you need to know before trying on bridal gowns

Your wedding dress is one of the most important and expensive garments you’ll ever buy so it’s important to take your time and shop carefully. In order to kno .... read more
Created on 19th November 2014
OCT 28, 2014

How to choose your wedding dress

Congratulations on your engagement! As soon as that ring finds its way onto your finger your head begins to spin with everything that you’ll need to do. It’s .... read more
Created on 28th October 2014
SEP 24, 2014

Successful Ways to Style Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Deciding on your bridesmaids’ dresses can be just as hard as deciding on your own bridal dress. At Carrington Fabrics we know how important it is to get the right f .... read more
Created on 24th September 2014
AUG 28, 2014

5 Sewing machine stitches and when to use them

If you’re new to sewing then the array of different stitches available on a sewing machine can be a little overwhelming at first.  What do all those different .... read more
Created on 28th August 2014
JUL 31, 2014

Popular bridal fabrics

There are so many things to consider when searching for the perfect wedding dress. Do you go for strapless or not? Do you suit the “princess style” skirt or a .... read more
Created on 31st July 2014
JUL 1, 2014

Sewing kit essentials

When it comes to sewing there’s a lot of equipment and paraphernalia available to buy, so it can be easy to end up with a bunch of fancy looking devices that you&rs .... read more
Created on 1st July 2014
JUN 10, 2014

How to choose the right sewing machine

Whether you’ve been sewing for years or are just starting out, the variety of different sewing machines on the market can be pretty overwhelming. Working in the fab .... read more
Created on 10th June 2014
APR 24, 2014

Different body shapes and how to dress them - part 2

In our last blog post we started to look at the 4 distinct body shapes that most women fall into. We covered the apple shape and the pear shape and looked at how to dress .... read more
Created on 24th April 2014
APR 10, 2014

Different body shapes and how to dress them - part 1

As a dressmaker you probably find yourself being asked for tips and advice on how to dress different body shapes. The exact same dress can look completely different on a .... read more
Created on 10th April 2014
FEB 27, 2014

3 mistakes to avoid when you run a bridal boutique

Our sample books are packed with over 1200 options at Carrington Fabrics so you’ll have plenty of choice to show your customers if they are hoping to create bespoke .... read more
Created on 27th February 2014
FEB 20, 2014

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Carrington Fabrics’ brand new blog! If this is your first visit to our website then let me start by telling you a little bit about us. We’re base .... read more
Created on 20th February 2014