FEB 27, 2014

3 mistakes to avoid when you run a bridal boutique

Our sample books are packed with over 1200 options at Carrington Fabrics so you’ll have plenty of choice to show your customers if they are hoping to create bespoke bridal wear. Customer satisfaction is essential for a successful bridal boutique, mistakes have to be avoided when you run a bridal wear store. What are these mistakes? We’ll explore three of them in more detail during this blog, when you finish reading you should have a true understanding of what works and what drives customers away.

Only stocking designer lines – There’s nothing wrong with stocking designer gowns, some brides have unlimited budgets to spend on their wedding and the dress is the most important feature of their day. Not all brides are the same though, many have tighter budgets to work with and they’d prefer to have a dress custom made using good quality fabrics. Provide both options and cater for a wider range of customers.

Having no identity – Your store needs its own sense of identity to differentiate it from the competition. Think about the features that make your bridal boutique special.  Do you excel at customer service, offer a bespoke seamstress service, do you make brides feel unique and provide them with a one-off wedding dress experience? Give your store a sense of identity, make it THE boutique to visit and have a sense of distinctiveness that helps to get your shop noticed.

Not sticking to strong points – Why do brides visit bridal boutiques? They want to find the dress of their dreams! Therefore why try to entice them into buying tiaras, shoes, bags or other accessories they’ll need for the day? This will simply complicate your business. Stick to what you are good at, make beautiful bridal gowns and give your customers plenty of choice with fabrics. We can support you in this area at Carrington, why not purchase one of our sample books and you’ll see what we mean!



Created on 27th February 2014
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