JAN 4, 2016

5 questions you need to ask at your bridal boutique

Finding the perfect wedding dress is an exciting time for any bride and you want to get it right! Make sure you find out all the things you need to know by asking your bridal boutique these important questions...

What style of dress should I go for?

By going to a reputable bridal boutique for your wedding dress means that you will be guaranteed great – and honest - advice on the right dress shape and style for your body. Before visiting, have a think about the parts of your body that you’d like to accentuate and the bits that you’d like to hide – this way, the assistant will be able to put together a number of dresses in all different styles and materials that will suit your needs.

Do you stock sample dresses?

If your budget won’t stretch as far to afford your dream dress, don’t forget to ask if the bridal boutique stock sample dresses. Falling in love a dress that’s the perfect size, shape, style and material for you and then glancing at the hefty price tag can be heartbreaking, however finding an equally dreamy sample dress is a great way to save breaking your heart and purse. But remember to factor in that these dresses may require altering and a professional clean!

Do you offer alterations?

Speaking of alterations, an important question to ask your bridal boutique is do they offer them? Not all dresses will fit you flawlessly so it’s good to know where you can get any alterations that you need to be sorted as soon as possible. Bridal boutiques that offer an in-house alteration service is a bonus as it will save you lugging around all that heavy tulle around town!

What if I’m looking to lose weight before my wedding day?

It’s not uncommon for brides to jump on the healthy eating and exercise bandwagon to get in their best shape for their big day, so don’t worry about that when it comes to searching, buying and fitting your dress too much. All you have to do is make sure that you discuss this with your boutique so that they can arrange your final fittings nearer to the wedding date.

How many appointments will I need?

This is a good question to ask because it will help you to work out your busy wedding planning schedule. It’s normal to expect three appointments in total for your dress; the first will be the search for ‘the one’, the next will be once you’ve ordered it and it’s arrived at the shop ready for you to look at again, and the third will be making sure that all the alterations are correct, not long before the big day itself – eee!

Created on 4th January 2016
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