DEC 22, 2014

Break tradition: 5 alternative wedding dresses

The vast majority of western brides still choose to wear a white, floor length, strapless wedding dress. As most weddings are seen as a time for upholding tradition white is the most common colour and style of choice. We have compiled a selection of our favourite alternatives to the traditional wedding dress for the bride looking to break with tradition.

The 1950s dress

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While most bridal dresses are floor length this style doesn’t suit every bride. An increasing number of brides are opting for shorter, tea length dresses, inspired by the fashion of the 1950s. These dresses suit all body shapes, especially women who are slightly shorter than average and don’t want to drown in taffeta and lace. This style can also spark a theme for the entire wedding: think petticoats, T-Birds and red lipstick.

The black and white dress

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Another alternative to the traditional white wedding dress is the element of colour or, in this case, black. The contrast between the clean white of the dress and the deep black of the detail create an excellent impact. Whether you want the black to make up the detail in the bodice, in the skirt or in both it can create a beautiful, alternative effect.

The sunshine dress

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Another beautiful alternative to the white wedding dress is a bright coloured dress: yellow offers a beautiful colour scheme to any spring or summer wedding. While this dress keeps a traditional element in its use of lace and length, it offers an alternative to the norm with its bold use of colour. Whereas the black and white dress offers a contrast to the traditional, the yellow, or coloured, dress offers a whole new perspective.

The patterned dress

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A dress which differs even more from the traditional is the patterned dress. Whether you’re into florals, paisley or polka dots the patterned dress offers a chance to stamp your individuality firmly onto your wedding day. There are so many options when it comes to patterned wedding dresses or, if you’re feeling really bold, design your own pattern!

The wedding suit

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While looking for an alternative to the traditional, white wedding dress don’t forget to consider the white wedding suit! While this allows one tradition to be upheld it offers the opportunity to do something completely unexpected. Be bold and choose a wedding suit for your big day: a contrast between the black suit of your partner and your white suit would definitely make a strong impact. Alternately, try teaming a crisp white suit with a pair of shiny red heels for a daring effect.

Created on 22nd December 2014
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