JAN 22, 2015

Bridesmaid Trends For Spring 2015

All of the little details can make a wedding perfect. Sorting your own wedding dress is such a relief but you can put just as much time and care into picking out the design for your bridesmaids’ dresses too. Here at Carrington Fabrics we have the fashion predictions for bridesmaid dresses this spring. Whatever your wedding ideas, you will be able to tick some serious trend boxes with these top four.




Purples and blush

The colours for spring are purples and blush pinks, and they couldn’t be more appropriate. As the top picks for bridesmaid dresses, choosing a purple or pink shade will resonate well with any wedding. Follow the spectrum from the palest lavender to a rich eggplant colour, or from a light blush to a bold statement pink. If you’re stuck deciding, why not give your bridesmaids different variations of the shade.


Off-the-shoulder necklines

Making big news on the runway and as a top fashion trend throughout 2015, off-the-shoulder necklines create a classic and elegant look every time.  As a different twist on the strapless dresses, this trend will emphasise the collarbones and shoulders of your bridesmaids whilst avoiding any embarrassing dress slipping moments!




Back details

Wedding dresses have been stylised more and more with pretty back details and now bridesmaid dresses are trying out this trend. Keyhole, illusion, ruffled back, bows, and ribbon ties are just a few examples of how to add another feature to dresses. With back detail dresses the front of the dress can be kept relatively simple to truly show off the style.



One of the most gorgeous and versatile fabrics, lace looks beautiful on all body shapes. Lace details can add a delicate or vintage touch to bridesmaid dresses. From laced skirts and hems, to necklines or sleeves, there are so many possibilities when experimenting with the fabric. It also works in any colour so if you’ve already decided on the colour, you don’t have to worry about it suiting the style of the fabric. Bold colours can work just as well in lace as pastels do.


As specialists in fashion fabrics, at Carrington Fabrics we can supply you with the most beautiful bridal fabrics to make your big day gorgeous. Contact us today to find out more about our fabrics or register to see our full range in our fabric books.


(All images by Tulle & Chantilly)

Created on 22nd January 2015
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