APR 29, 2015

DIY wedding: sewing project inspiration

There are few things more satisfying than, after months of planning, seeing all of your efforts come to life on your wedding day. One thing guaranteed to add to this satisfaction is the knowledge that you have made a few aspects of the day yourself. Whether you fancy arranging your own bouquet or creating handmade favours for your guests there’s bound to be an opportunity to make your wedding even more personalised. We’ve come up with five sewing projects to help you put the bespoke stamp on your special day.


While it is traditional to have simple, floral buttonholes why not get a little creative? There are loads of ideas around the internet for alternative buttonholes: from fabric flowers to arrangements of actual buttons! You could even add a personal touch and adorn each guest’s buttonhole with their initial or incorporate their favourite colour. This is a simple project to consider as it takes little skill and lots of imagination!




A great way to get creative while planning your wedding is by making the decorations for the venue. Whether you want to decorate jars to hold tealights or design centrepieces for your tables you’re venue is crying out for your creative touch. A great way to showcase your sewing skills is by making bunting to decorate your venue. Even an amateur is likely to be able to knock up some decent bunting, just collect a few pieces of fabric and get sewing!



Bridesmaid dresses

While this may seem like an intimidating prospect it is one of the best ways to show your sewing skills off to all of your wedding guests. Plus, what could be nicer for your bridesmaids than knowing you appreciate their efforts enough to create a bespoke dress for them?  As an added bonus, creating your own bridesmaid dresses means they can be made to the perfect style and colour to match your wedding day.



Suit and tie

We understand that the thought of sewing a suit and tie may scare even the most experienced sewer but it may be more achievable than you think. While we’re by no means claiming that you could knock the perfect, tailored suit up in a couple of hours it is definitely achievable. Whether you want to make your own suit, a suit for your groom or the suits for every suit-wearing member of your wedding party it would be an amazing achievement. However, if your skills aren’t quite up to suit-making standard, why not start with a tie or two? No matter which element of your wedding you tackle by hand it is sure to provide you and your guests with an immense amount of joy.



Bridal gown

Now this final one isn’t for the faint hearted: why not make your own, or your future wife’s, wedding dress? While this may seem like a daunting prospect it can be the perfect solution if you have a specific idea in mind. Instead of spending hours aimlessly traipsing around bridal boutiques dedicate those hours to creating the gown of your dreams. Before you fork out for reels of lace and silk make sure that your skills and equipment are up to the task; but, if you think they are, what’s stopping you from giving it a go?


Created on 29th April 2015
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