JUL 28, 2016

Flattering Fabric Tips!

The fabric that you wear has a massive impact on your clothes’ look on clients. It will shape just how comfortable and durable the piece is, as well as its shape and care requirements – important things to consider when targeting your market. This is more important when manufacturing specifically flattering clothing for curvier customers.

Natural fibres tend to be very flattering, and are extremely easy to work with; the following in particular are great for creating flattering clothing:

Worsted – These natural fabrics are very breathable, and don’t wrinkle easily. They’re also perfect for defining figures.

Silk – Is there nothing that silk can’t make better? Light shades of silk can create very flattering clothing, perfect for occasion wear and evening wear.

Cotton – This extremely comfortable fabric is also incredibly easy to maintain and is perfect if you’re launching a plus-size product range.

Linen – Heavy and durable whilst being very breathable, pure linen garments are excellent at creating clothes to flatter lumps and bumps.

Certain synthetic fibres can be equally as flattering on the body, including:

Acetate – Not only is this synthetic fabric great for lining clothes, it has a lustrous and crisp look that makes it perfect for evening wear.

Nylon – New light-weight varieties of nylon for windproof and waterproof outerwear is highly flattering for fuller figures.

Manufacturing flattering dresses? Here’s what to remember

Creating flattering dresses is simple and easy to achieve once you remember a few simple rules, such as:

Use heavy natural fabrics – Silk, jersey or cotton blends are ideal for creating a highly flattering dress because these fabrics don’t cling to the body, allowing for a smoother appearance.

Dark colours – Not only do dark colours exude class, professionalism and elegance, they’re much more flattering than bright and pastel shades.

The cut of the dress – Structured dresses that draw attention to the face, rather than any particular body part, will flatter. Structured designs help to keep the body secure, taming wild, wobbly bits. A-lines can also be highly flattering, hiding a multitude of sins from the waist down.


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Created on 28th July 2016
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