OCT 28, 2014

How to choose your wedding dress

Congratulations on your engagement! As soon as that ring finds its way onto your finger your head begins to spin with everything that you’ll need to do. It’s an incredibly exciting, but also rather stressful time in the lead up to your wedding. One of the biggest aspects of your overall wedding budget will probably be the wedding dress; as the bride, all eyes are on you so of course you want to look amazing. But where do you start? Here are a few pointers to help you on your quest for the perfect dress...

  • Set your budget: Before you start looking at dresses it’s important to work out exactly how much of your overall budget you are willing and able to spend on your dress. You can get gorgeous second hand ones from Oxfam for under £100, designer ones for £2000, and everything else in between. So whatever your budget, you’re sure to find the perfect dress within your means.
  • Do some research: Look at pictures of dresses online and in magazines, and try to get a feel for the kind of style that you could see yourself in. Will you go for thick straps, thin straps, or strapless? Can you see yourself walking down the aisle in white satin or ivory lace?
  • Think about body shape: As with most clothing, there are some styles of dress that simply don’t work for some body shapes. If you’re large chested you may not get the support you need from a strapless dress. Those with a curvy, hourglass figure may not be able to carry off hip-detailing, whilst women with a slim, boyish figure would welcome extra ruffles to create the illusion of curves.
  • Try some dresses on: Make an appointment at a bridal boutique and take your mum and bridesmaids along while you try some dresses on. You may have decided to go for a structured dress with a sweetheart neckline and layers of Disney-princess-style taffeta, only to discover that an ethereal Grecian style dress suits you better in reality!
  • Don’t rush into it: Choosing your wedding dress is a big decision so try not to rush the process. If you’ve found one you like then take some photographs, then go away and have a think about it. If you shop around you may be able to find your dream dress a little cheaper than the designer boutique in the posh part of town! That means more money to spend on other, equally important, aspects of the wedding!
  • Leave time for alterations: Start your dress shopping early, as the process can be lengthy, especially if you are going for a custom-made dress. You’ll need to leave enough time for alterations to be made about three or four weeks before the big day as your weight may have fluctuated, and you want to make sure your dress fits properly on the day.      
Created on 28th October 2014
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