SEP 1, 2015

How to keep everyone warm at your winter wedding

More and more brides and grooms are opting to get married in the cooler months of autumn and winter. One reason is because venue prices tend to be cheaper and a lot of photographers offer discounted rates during the low wedding season. Another reason is because autumn and winter weddings are just dreamy. Whether you love the golden brown leaves falling from trees or the juxtaposition of the bridal party against the crisp white snow, getting married out of the peak spring summer season makes for some gorgeous photos and happy memories.

However, having your wedding during the colder months of the year does come with one potential problem: how do you keep everyone warm? Here are a few ideas to help you prevent cold hands being your something blue...

  • Gloves: Long satin or lace gloves can add a touch of class to your bridal outfit, as well as keeping you warm. As for your guests, you could hand out fingerless gloves as wedding favours. They can use them straight away to warm their hands up, and then whenever they wear them they’ll have fond memories of your special day.
  • Underwear: As the bride, you’ll probably be the one who feels the cold the most as your arms may be bare in your dress. Add some hidden layers under your dress with insulated underwear and a pair of tights. If your dress is floor-length, no one will know what you’ve got on under there, so dig out the thermal, fleece-lined tights and stay toasty!
  • Blankets: Keep your guests cosy throughout the day by providing blankets and throws for them to wrap up in. Churches can be cold in summer, never mind winter, so place some blankets on the pews for guests to wrap up in. If your venue has an outdoor area, i.e. for smokers, make it feel snug and cosy with blankets, throws, and cushions to keep your guests comfortable and warm.
  • Shawls: A faux fur bolero will enhance your bridal outfit and keep you warm, but don’t forget your bridesmaids too. Shawls and pashminas in your wedding colours make great gifts for your bridesmaids, and they can use them to keep the chill off whilst they pose for photographs outside with you.
  • Hot chocolate: At a summer wedding guests are often welcomed with a glass of prosecco or a mimosa, but what can you give your guests at a winter wedding? A hot chocolate reception is perfect for warming your guests up as they enter your reception venue, and you can add rum, amaretto, or Irish cream for those who like their hot chocolate with an alcoholic kick!
Created on 1st September 2015
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