MAR 24, 2017

Lightweight Fabrics to Consider for your Summer Collection

The fabric you choose to create your spring and summer collections with will have a large impact on your profit margins for the season, with many customers choosing their new summer clothing depending on how light the fabric is, just as much as cut, colour or pattern. Many lightweight fabrics are breathable, durable and good at retaining their colour, only adding to why every collection should feature lightweight fabrics at this time of the years.


Here are just some of the fabrics you can choose from for lightweight clothing.



Manufactured from the flax plant in the Mediterranean and large parts of Asia, linen is a traditional favourite for summer clothing. With proper care, linen can last for many, many years and is twice as strong as cotton, so you can offer your customers a high quality garment to cherish over the years. Linen dyes well and is good at holding dye without it running.



Similar to linen, ramie is another plant fibre material that comes from East Asia. An extremely strong material, it lasts much longer than cotton and is extremely easy to dye. This naturally white material is naturally antimicrobial, meaning it can resist bacterial growth.



Made from either silk, cotton or nylon, chiffon is a well known lightweight material often used for wedding dresses and formalwear. Chiffon sometimes feels slightly textured to the touch and usually has a small amount of stretchiness. As a sheer fabric, chiffon is perfect for layering and creating whimsical, romantic look.



Silk is an extremely versatile fabric, and here at Carrington Fabrics we supply both heavy silks like dupioni silk and lightweight silks such as crepe de chine. Despite being very lightweight, crepe de chine is highly durable and many tailors love working with it. It easily accepts thread and has a good tendency to stay together when cut, rather than fraying like other fabrics/



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Created on 24th March 2017
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