APR 19, 2016

The Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Wear

When it takes as little as 20 seconds to make a lasting first impression, it’s essential that you wear the appropriate corporate wear for your interview or important client meeting. Despite attempts to remain neutral in the boardroom and whilst interviewing, the clothing you wear will have a massive impact on getting your dream job or landing the lucrative contract you want. Both men and women should understand how to dress appropriately to achieve their goals.

Corporate wear for men

The attire you should wear to work will vary depending on position within the company, however for interviews, you should always wear a well-fitting suit, even if you’ll be working outdoors or can wear jeans.

If you’re working in an office, it’ll always be preferred that you wear a smart suit in black, navy or grey. Your shirt should have long sleeves, be freshly ironed and be either white or another complementary light colour. The cuffs of your shirt shouldn’t be rolled up and definitely not rolled up. Similarly, you should never wear a short sleeved shirt in the workplace.

Your suit trousers and jacket should match, being the same colour and material. Your tie should be neat and conservative in colour, with novelty ties left at home. Finally, you will always need to wear polished black or brown dress shoes rather than trainers.

Women’s corporate wear

Women have the choice between smart pantsuits and dress suits. If you’ve chosen a pantsuit, your trousers should be tailored and creased, being neither too tight nor flowing. Any skirt or dress should be no more than 2 inches above the knee. Even when part of a suit, miniskirts are not acceptable and have no place in the boardroom.

If you don’t need to wear a suit, you should stick with dress pants and skirts, never go with jeans. Skirts can’t be too long or billowy and dress pants shouldn’t fit too snugly on the body.

Women’s work shoes should always have closed toes, and have either conservative heels or a flat heel. Sandals and stiletto heels shouldn’t be worn, likewise see-through garments and sleeveless shirts.


Even if you ensure you’re wearing correct corporate wear, you can easily look sloppy if you pile on too many accessories. Choosing your accessories for the workplace definitely follows the rule of less being more. It’s appropriate for men to wear a watch and one ring, and women should limit their jewellery to one necklace or bracelet, definitely not both. Small, discrete earrings are acceptable, and up to two rings is fine. Any scarf worn should be neat and conservative, and a small-medium sized bag is better than an oversized option.

Created on 19th April 2016
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