SEP 22, 2016

The S/S 2017 Bridal Trends You Need to Know Right Now!

Brides up and down the country who are planning spring and summer weddings for 2017 will be starting to look at bridal trends and find their perfect dress very soon, meaning that you will need to have the kind of dresses they want. Spring 2017 appears to be promising both highly traditional wedding trends, with long sleeves, veils and trains whilst also heavily featuring wedding dresses with minimal fabric.

At Carrington Fabrics, we’ve listed the 6 biggest bridal trends you need to know about for spring/summer 2017.

Pink is in

Whether it’s a subtle pastel blush, or a bright and loud ombré skirt, pink is the most fashionable non-white choice for bridal gowns. Vivid violets and pastel blues have occasionally been seen, but pink is this season’s number 1 colour.


Plunging necklines

Whilst open back wedding dresses remain in, a dramatically plunging neckline has made a daring appearance. There are no modesty panels here and a number of designers have extended the plunge down to the pelvis.


Sheer elements

Sheer elements with cut-out modesty panels and truly sheer materials with embroidered tops and dresses in essential areas were another big trend. Not for the faint of heart, these dresses will reveal practically everything.


Trains & veils

These two classic bridal features have made a great comeback, but have been updated with all the glamour and dramatic flair needed in today’s Instagram-centred world.



Capes have occasionally been seen throughout the last few seasons, but they’re about to explode in popularity. Whether it’s short and chic capes or long billowing cloaks, you’ll be manufacturing plenty of them.


Festival fashion

Lace is a staple bridal fabric, but it’s now receiving a major make-over as it’s used for a bohemian, laid-back, festival vibe. Long gone are the prim and traditional lace silhouettes, and in their place you can expect, off the shoulder, free-flowing and cool figures.

Created on 22nd September 2016
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